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In-Flight Self-Care: 4 Essentials No Flight Should Be Without

This one is for you if you've ever experienced the distinct, overpowering feeling of ickiness that comes when you walk off the plane at airports.

In order to address the causes of that unpleasant feeling, such as having to stare at someone's bare feet because they decided an airplane is a good place to take off both shoes and socks, or dried-out skin from the recycled air, we've gathered our finest in-flight self-care advice.

Having trouble with packing everything in your carry-on? This blog will do wonders for you!

We also added the items we can never leave home without.


Pack yourself a sleep mask so you can take a nap. Spare yourself the aforementioned bare-feet sighting as well.


Planes are infamous for being both stressful and germ-filled. Adaptogens can help balance cortisol levels and keep you cool, calm, and collected, and antiviral mushrooms provide the ideal preventative boost.


Use skincare items that encourage improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to combat cabin pressure-induced puffiness while keeping your hands occupied.


With these necessities, you can exit the aircraft glowing and rejuvenated rather than parched and with that post-flight nasty sensation.

After the seatbelt light comes on, use the tiny, portable face cleansing tool to take off any makeup and prepare your skin for a moisturizing, glow-inducing serum pair.

Apply the natural deodorant listed below, which goes on clear, absorbs perspiration, and has zero buildup, after using biodegradable wipes to freshen up at the end of the flight.

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