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  • Lanya Michele

14 Ways to Start Practicing Self-Care Today (+ Bonus Tip)

Updated: Feb 3

It's all too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the importance of taking a moment to care for one's own well-being. Giving longer hugs or getting up 20 minutes earlier are just two examples of ways to practice self-care and improve your mood.

We've compiled a list of 14 free or low-cost ways to put yourself first. We’d love to hear from you about your self-care routines, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The following are a few simple ways to ensure that you're taking care of yourself:

1. Make it a habit of saying no to things you truly don't want to participate in.

2. Wake up 20 minutes earlier in the morning.

Take the time to make your own healthy breakfast. Good health start with gut health. So try adding a good Digestive Enzyme.

We recommend

3. "Hey, how are you?" Text messages can go a long way.

4. Do something for someone else.

5. Take a day off for your mental health.

6. Add lavender and rosemary essential oils to your bath - the relaxing aroma helps to bring a sense of calm and lull you into a balanced and peaceful state of mind. Our absolute favorite is this amazingly soothing Lavender and Rosemary Bath Salt!

7. Make sure you and your family and coworkers know what the boundaries are.

8. At-home facial massage or a face mask.

We love Yunicor’s Celestial Jelly Daily Mask

A luminescent dual-action gel cleanser and mask that purifies and revitalizes your skin. This unique gel-to-milk formula lifts away dirt and impurities to leave your skin silky smooth. Sea Lavender, Rice bran and Honeysuckle give skin a surge of moisture to restore a healthy, radiant glow. Indulge in a 1-minute mask

9. Spend time with close friends.

Just a quick phone call or text can start a fun, endorphin-releasing conversation right away.

10. You can do your own manicure and pedicure at home.

11. Be in nature by going for a walk or run (even if it's just around the corner).

12. Keep your gym membership or ClassPass subscription active so you don't waste it.

13. Enroll in your preferred course.

14. At home, you can do 20 minutes of yoga.

While you read a few pages of your favorite book or watch a few episodes of a show you've been meaning to watch, unplug your phone and disable all notifications.

BONUS TIP: Hugs should be longer.

A good hug lasts 15 to 20 seconds to release the oxytocin, the "love hormone" that we all crave, rather than the typical three seconds.

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