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David vs Goliath: How to Win Market Share When You're Up Against Well-Financed Multi-Billion Dollar

Zina’s Fine Foods roots lie with a small family business operating out of its original location in East Hanover, NJ, that was established in the early 80s. For Zina - the company was absolutely everything. Coming to America with just a few dollars (literally!) - Zina wanted to create something magnificent, something that would change lives - an entrepreneurial spirit that was prosecuted by the communist regime of Soviet Russia. Coming from nothing, it was always an uphill battle to make a name in the industry dominated by long-established businesses with legacy and significant financing. One mistake, one unpopular item, or one dissatisfied client could be an end to the young business. However, Zina succeeded! Today Zina’s Fine Foods products are featured in thousands of stores in the US. How did we do it? Here are a few lessons that we have learned (sometimes the hard way!)that also applies to many other industries.

  1. Be nimble and quick to respond to changes in the market.

In today's business world, the ability to change and adapt quickly is more important than ever before. Big businesses are often hindered by bureaucracy and red tape, which can make them slow to react to changes in the market. This can create an opportunity for smaller businesses with less bureaucracy to be nimble and quick to respond. This can give them a competitive edge and allow them to win customers over.

When Zina's Fine Foods started her business she quickly learned what big companies couldn’t offer- to be able to adapt to customer needs. If a customer wanted a new flavor of salad dressing, we had to be able to produce it quickly. If a customer wanted a new type of pasta salad, we had to be able to develop it quickly. Being nimble and quick to respond allowed us to stay ahead of the competition and grow our business. Even today we continue with the same approach: from the moment a customer suggests an idea, we are able to deliver an option in just 3 weeks, which means that a product could be on a supermarket shelf in less than a month.

So, if you're an entrepreneur or a small business owner, don't be afraid to take advantage of big businesses' weaknesses. Be nimble and quick to respond to changes in the market, and you'll be well on your way to success.

  1. Focus on quality over quantity.

At Zina's Fine Foods, we are focused on providing high-quality pasta, salad, and vegetable products to our customers. We use only the finest ingredients; our commitment to quality has helped us attract customers looking for a higher-quality product. For example, we buy produce that is grown locally, weather permitting of course. Zina’s Fine Foods uses only the best pasta in the world - produced in Italy, using the world-famous bronze-cut extruding method. We sample hundreds of different ingredients from around the world - to settle only for those that are truly outstanding. If you're an entrepreneur in the food business, we encourage you to focus on quality over quantity. It's a strategy that will help you attract the best customers and grow your business.

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